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Quality of Life

Conroe, with a population of over 72,000, is one of the fastest growing communities in the Houston region and is the county seat and power center of Montgomery County, the 25th fastest growing county in the United States.

Here you’ll find a business-oriented atmosphere. The mayor, the five city council members and the city administrator have committed time and effort to eliminating roadblocks to new businesses and local expansion. Community members passed a half-cent economic development sales tax for improved infrastructure and incentives. We have developed Conroe Park North, a fully-platted, 1045-acre industrial park, governed by covenants and restrictions with all utilities, signage, and roads. In Conroe, existing businesses and financial institutions are looking for ways to help the economy grow. During the past twenty years, the Conroe/Montgomery County economy has greatly diversified. No longer dependent on a handful of industries, Conroe has attracted a wealth of manufacturing, retail, health care, construction and tourism companies. To support this economic expansion, Conroe has developed a highly skilled, educated workforce. There are more than 700,000 potential employees within a 30-mile radius of Conroe and more than two million workers available in Houston’s Harris County directly to the south. Finding skilled employees in Conroe will never be an issue for your business.

Conroe is a great place for your business and your employees. A very livable community, Conroe has a low crime rate, excellent health care and education and a friendly, small-town atmosphere. There are more than 100 churches and synagogues in the area covering a wide variety of denominations and faiths. Plus, there is always something fun to do! Conroe boasts numerous cultural activities, festivals and special events, while beautiful Lake Conroe and the adjacent Sam Houston National Forest offer a wide range of exciting recreational opportunities.

Conroe is a caring community. Thousands of Conroe residents regularly volunteer their time and efforts to a number of organizations. The Friends of Conroe, as an example, is a nonprofit organization committed to the enhancement and quality of life in Conroe and Montgomery County through civic and cultural improvements. Here, the United Way funds over 60 different programs that provide assistance to more than 133,000 residents in Montgomery County. Program offerings range from providing shelter for those in need, to services for families in crisis, to foster home care and counseling. The United Way also funds programs for the Boy and Girl Scouts of America and the YMCA. Members of the many denominations of churches throughout the city participate in a variety of service projects, as do the Jaycees, Kiwanis Club, Lions Clubs and other service organizations.
Safety is of prime importance in Conroe. All fire, emergency and police calls are handled through a central dispatch office. A 15,000 square foot, $11.6 million 911 dispatch facility features the most up-to-date mapping, call routing and tracking equipment available. Your employees and their families will be safe in Conroe.
Entergy provides Conroe with electricity and Centerpoint Energy provides natural gas. To provide dependable service at the lowest cost possible, Entergy has diversified its fuel mix. Natural gas, fuel oil, coal and nuclear power are utilized as fuel sources. Entergy’s Texas commercial and industrial rates are very competitive when compared to other companies’ electric rates in the State. Centerpoint Energy also offers competitive rates throughout the area. Water is an ample resource in Conroe, coming from deep underground wells. In addition, the economic development sales tax provided funds for major infrastructure improvements, totaling more than $37 million for industrial development in the area.
Consolidated Communications maintains a regional office in Conroe with a digital Central Office and fiberoptic rings throughout the Greater Conroe area including Conroe Park North. Several points of presence are located in the area and specialized data lines are available to handle today’s high-tech communications demands. Suddenlink has a high penetration rate within the city with all major networks, premium and other channels available as well as digital cable service and high speed internet. One radio station broadcasts from Conroe and the city is served by The Courier, the local daily newspaper.